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Kailaboration, September 2014 - Pinball Hall of Fame. Photos by Kai Sutton.

This is ALWAYS on our to-do-list whenever we visit Las Vegas. If you love arcades and enjoy the challenge of older games, Pinball Hall of Fame is something you need to see least once. Highly Recommended.


「「ポコさん」」/「ワヤマ」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail


Family Amusement Arcade
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

Holy Shit. Before Japan Arcade closed (November 2013), our owner sold most of the machines. Upon closer inspection of these photos, Family Arcade (LACC) held onto my hand-drawn BISHI BASHI marquee. I always designed those for fun and kill time, but I never knew it was that important.


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pretty sure the bottom photo is from Family Fun Arcade back in the day.


The World Warrior Travel Series by Fernando Reza / Tumblr

18” X 24” Giclee prints, S/N editions f 50. Available individually or all 6 in a set HERE.


New camera test previews - featuring Viewlix Super Street Fighter IV cabinets

Kailaboration, May 2014 - DOUBLE K.O. - Photographs by Kai Sutton

Taken at Super Arcade - Walnut, California.

on that Third Strike. close calls with my #novice Elena; still cute tho. #arcade #purikura via @kaiography 📍💪

on that Third Strike. close calls with my #novice Elena; still cute tho. #arcade #purikura via @kaiography 📍💪

got the #remix stage! photo courtesy @kaiography #RhythmTengoku #arcade #purikura 🎵👾👏

got the #remix stage! photo courtesy @kaiography #RhythmTengoku #arcade #purikura 🎵👾👏

Tekken - Your Sunset
4,045 plays


I still Love this soundtrack the most…

Your Sunset, TTT2 customisation theme

OK, this may be the only reason I miss working at Japan Arcade - hearing EUROBEAT / AVEX TRAX / HI-SPEED MUSIC whenever someone played para para, Initial D or other licensed music game. I’m not even joking around, that was theee shit.

Kailaboration, April 2014 - Skill Shot, X-MEN pinball. Photography by Kai Sutton.

Kailaboration, April 2014 - Eighty Two, Los Angeles. Photography by Kai Sutton.