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With bonsai in Japan. Image via Pinterest


With bonsai in Japan. Image via Pinterest


Spring Kimono

For centuries, attractive women have been donning kimono’s in traditional styles. The modern woman knows how to flip the classic item into many forms — from cover-up to micro-mini-skirt dress when cinched.

Luckily, eBay has a myriad of authentic Kimono’s, such as this black vintage Flower/Phoenix number (pictured above), sold here. If you miss this one, take a look at all the other options of short Kimono’s. Beware, you may be tempted to purchase more than one. 


Luna City Arcade , owned / managed by Peter Hirschberg (now derelict)

i went here once and it was life changing 

Noire et Blanc (crossposted)

Is music cultural? Definitely. Is music universal? Maybe.
I was on the phone earlier, the conversation went like this:

K: What are you listening to?
P: “Very Special,” by Debra Laws.
K: You’re listening to what now?
(increases volume of track)
K: If you play that in front of any black person- ‘matter of fact, if you play that song in front of a group of black people, you’ll make heads turn.
P: Is there something wrong with that?
K: Not at all, but it’s primarily a black-love song.

I heard that song on the radio and I liked it; the melody is sweet and tenderhearted. I looked it up so I could hear it again. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? So what Kai said got me to thinking, is there something wrong with enjoying good music? Or is someone going to shut the door on me and say I’m not supposed to?

I just finished writing a review about an album that I love religiously, Random Access Memories. It’s listed under Discotheque, Funk, Electronic, whatever you want to call it. The album was made by Daft Punk (French people) in collaboration with their close friends, some contemporaries and above all, Disco Legends. One of the most prominent of the collaborators was Nile Rodgers - producer and guitarist for 70’s band, CHIC. Rodgers is a man of color who has worked with many artists and continues to collaborate to this day. I admire the work they have done individually & love the music they make together.

With that said, I thought maybe Daft Punk made their album so other people could enjoy soulful grooves without being looked at strangely. I don’t question the people or the colors behind the song - because if it’s a good track, why not enjoy it for what it is? I don’t know why I’d be judged for enjoying that. I don’t call it black music, I see music for your sweetheart. If I wasn’t allowed to enjoy it, then why is it on the radio?

Music is not Black OR White: Piano keys are Ebony and Ivory, but they’re intertwined and make beautiful music together. This statement will not stop me from enjoying whatever I do, but I wanted everyone who reads to meditate on the thought.


Family Amusement Arcade


Family Amusement Arcade





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