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Some people don’t sleep much because their dreams haunt them.
(via psych-facts)
Sometimes, while you’re out chasing dreams, a nightmare turns around and starts chasing you.
Susan Gale (via psych-facts)
A goal is a dream with a deadline.
Napoleon Hill (via psych-facts)


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typeverything: - Live your dream by @marmaladebleue

typeverything: - Live your dream by @marmaladebleue

dream: military discharge (excerpt)

I equipped my own armor suit and for a minute, I felt like I was part of a super unit. I watched my peers get called in before me, I was so anxious to jump into action. People were taken off the grid one by one, until it was my turn to step forward.

When the recruiter rang me up, I gave them a status report. I stated everything I perceived in my opponent, strengths, weaknesses; all of my unique abilities and advantages against a given rival. I was so confident in myself that I said I would come out a winner. The operator went quiet; they told me that the job was too dangerous for a person of my caliber and that I was not ready for action. I was a bit offended that they challenged my skills, so I left my cell and slid down the rails to find the operator. When I landed, their station had been shut off. I tried to scream, but my voice grew thin.

dream: military discharge - full entry on livejournal.

even my own dreams are stopping me from what I want.


Character: Ulala

Series: Space Channel 5




dogs run everywhere around me

met @julianmccullough tonight! performed “Dream Girls” @ Jenny & Jimbob, NOHO #dream #comedian #celebrity 😇💭👏

met @julianmccullough tonight! performed “Dream Girls” @ Jenny & Jimbob, NOHO #dream #comedian #celebrity 😇💭👏

I dream about this.

I dream about this.


The Dreamcast is forever

it’s thinking …