prismatic spectrum

Kailaboration, October 2014 - Royal Pagoda. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Kailaboration, October 2014 - Elysian Silhouette. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Kailaboration, October 2014 - Elysian Bound. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Kailaboration, October 2014 - Music Room. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Featuring some influential albums, artists and my musical instruments.

Kailaboration, October 2014 - Tarzana. Photos by Kai Sutton.

"Project "Pearl" was something that Paris and I had mentioned once before sometime last year but never attempted until now.  "Pearl" pays homage to a Italian rock-orchestra concerto called Rondò Veneziano for their song "La Serenissima" which was the theme of their charity campaign called "Venice In Peril".  The animated video which came from the 80’s features a sea crashing it’s waves through a demolished city of Venice as a orchestra filled with chrome robots resurfaces from the waters to play the theme of a broken down Italy, as a robot from above try to restore what was broken. (Watch the video and you will understand).  This is still a project that is going to take a long time to conquer, especially since it is reflective like a mirror.  So I have to be particularly careful on how I execute everything, this is still a test run of what may come in the future. It is one of those projects where it is not fun but we are hopeful for a good outcome.

Kailaboration, October 2014 - “Pearl”. Photos and Description by Kai Sutton.

Visual imagery inspired by Rondò Veneziano - “La Serenissima” (video)

add another one to my parody / homage series. Kai challenged me to illustrate something based off of a film, so I had to do some homework before jumping in. After much searching, I found an old “Alice in Wonderland” poster from 1951. The pallet and style looked easy to execute. It was those little details in the background that I struggled with the most. I put images of Laddie (my dog) and Lola Mayme (my grandmother) who have both passed away - as well as some flowers, a keyboard & guitar - just some images I hold close. It think it looks great now, but there were many drafts that came before this where I said, “I don’t think I could do this.” Just keep trying at it and you’ll get there. You wait and See.

wacom + ms paint / approx. 20-25 hours give or take. maybe more, because I struggled in the beginning. I lost track of time.

ms paint - prizm in deluxe style on deviant art:

Kailaboration, September 2014 - Super Moon. Photos by Kai Sutton. (late post)

Kailaboration, September 2014 - Hydro: Plus. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Kailaboration, September 2014 - Hydro: Orb. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Kailaboration, September 2014 - Hydro: Dance. Photos by Kai Sutton.

Kailaboration, September 2014 - Sky Zone, Van Nuys. Photos by Paris Matic. “Have Fun, Fly Safe!”

Kailaboration, September 2014 - Sky Zone, Van Nuys. Photos by Kai Sutton. Yesterday, the sky was ours.

"Welcome to the Theater of Magic!" This illustration was inspired by one of my favorite Pinball tables, Bally’s “Theater of Magic”. Your goal in the game is to complete a series magic tricks to become a master magician! It poses many challenges for a novice player like me, but it’s an awesome table to try, even just to look at.

Earlier in the week, I drew a rough draft in my sketchbook during a Jury Duty waiting period. I knew I was going to struggle with foreshortening, but I’m happy with how the image came out. The color scheme is minimal, less than what the table art has, but it works. I went back and referenced one of my older drawings to get the cloudy background going, that was neat! :) -

About 12-15 hours spent in MS Paint; so much time and detail went into shaping the hands! Add this to my parody/homage series.

ms paint - Magician, Prizm - on deviant art:

cool, now i can rest easy knowing that I did it. gotta catch up with the rest of my projects now.

Kailaboration, April 2014 - Caught Red Handed - Photography by Kai Sutton.