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This is so important!

I never know what to ask and end up looking like a fool cause I don’t have a question prepared.

Don’t be me.


Nice Do you play any other rhythm games? Does that mean you have a PS3 now? Are you going for a PS4 or an XBONE?

Good Question - When I first started visiting arcades, I was into DDR. When that craze subsided, I got into dancemaniax, parapara and eventually started playing Pop’n’Music. I don’t have many rhythym games at home, but I think it’s better to experience that at arcades. When I started working at an arcade, I played puzzle games more frequently and got more into fighting games, because that’s what my coworkers played most often. I’m not as skilled, but at least I know how the basics.

As for games I have at home - I sold roughly 70% of them last summer when I was compressing my collection.The games I no longer played gathered lots of dust and I didn’t need them taking up space. With that said, I’m willing to try games at least once, but there are genres that I like more than others. Adventure platformers, hack & slash games, puzzles, retro games … I’ve written reviews on some of the stuff I’ve played more recently. (

I’m too poor to purchase next generation consoles, haha. I’ll be satisfied with what I have for the next few years, I’m pretty sure.

I think that’s all I can say for tonight. Thank You for the question/s.

Holy crap that's an amazing answer! All great games in their own right. So what was the first game you played?

Thanks for the response. I had to dig deep into my memories to figure out the very first game that I ever played, but I think someone asked me this question previously, so I’ll revisit that post for reference. (view it here)

I’m the youngest sibling of my family, but I remember watching my older brothers play most of the games throughout our childhood. I spectated more often than anything, but I didn’t mind that either. I don’t remember playing ANY games until I was about 5 or 6 years old. I’m 26 now, so that’s already two decades ago, damn.

According to the old post, my first game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. My niece’s father handed down his Genesis and a few games; this just so happened to be the one she played most often. She took the lead and let me be Tails, AKA: Her sidekick. No worries though; if Tails fell off of a cliff, he’d just float back up to safety. If I played as Sonic, I’d have to run through the whole stage just to get back where I was, huh?

I wanna say Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is my earliest memory of any video game playing. Even though it wasn’t my console, it was nice to play with her and be a supporting character instead of sitting in the background.

1. are you gay? 2. are you single?

some common misconceptions about me, but okay I’ll give it a go.

1. I’m not gay, but people sometimes mistake my orientation and assume I am, because of the way I dress and carry myself. Once when I was younger, my mother got very upset because I identified as a “Tomboy”- I knew I looked the part. Mom thought I was coming out of the closet, but I explained that because I look a certain way doesn’t define my sexuality. :)

2. Am I Single? … Well, I’ll say I’m not looking for any relationships right now; I’m not lonely either. I have crushes here and there, but in that respect, you could call me a “window shopper.” I like looking at attractive things, but I don’t commit to the price tag. I hate saying it like this, but I’ve been told I’m a heart breaker. I don’t wanna hurt or lead anyone on, but if it’s okay, I’d like to be friends.

Thanks for the Questions. Anonymous is curious tonight.

Hey what's your favorite video game?

My favorite? There’s gotta be a handful, but I’ll try to describe a few:

REZ (SEGA Dreamcast), 2001 - I remember playing this every summer during my high school breaks in between semesters. It’s a 3rd person rail-shooter with cool, progressive electronic/trance music. What really attracts me to this game is the graphic simplicity. How often do you play a game and are entranced by the background? They re-released this game, “REZ HD” for the XBOX 360 arcade. It was only offered as a download (meaning no disc), but it’s still as attractive and hypnotic when I first played it in my teens. I could return to it now and enjoy it. Although I don’t play REZ much anymore, it’s still one of my favorites for the design and gameplay.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Capcom; CPS-2), 1996 - This is a combination of things: puzzle-game, head-to-head and cute characters. Originally, I struggled playing this among friends, because I couldn’t successfully make chains or stack/build quickly. The game is designed for good, wholesome fun, but whenever I played with my coworkers, it turned into a competition who could win faster. It doesn’t matter what platform I play this on, whether it’s at the arcade or at home, I always try to have a good time with it. In my opinion, I think the competative nature comes with the fact that it’s a versus game. It’s still cute and fun, but it’s a rarity to see it in arcades now that it’s so old.

Kirby’s Dreamland 3 (HAL Laboratory; SNES) 1998 - I’m gonna be honest with this title and say that I’ve never actually played it on the SNES. However, I have played this multiple times via emulation programs and virtual console thanks to the Wii. Whenever I play this game, it feels like a true platform game. It’s one of my favorite titles in the Kirby universe, because it has lots of puzzles to solve and there are many animal creatures you can team up with. The in-game graphics are really cute, too; it looks like it came out of a coloring book. This game made me say, You’re my favorite Nintendo Mascot.

I could talk about more games for the character designs, background stories, but for real, I wanna say these are my top three. Thanks for the Question!


today my best friend asked me “why cinderella’s shoe fell off if it fit her perfectly” 



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New Questions for you!
I’m not going to write new questions or tag people, so I’ll make this post worth reading.

1) Who’s your celebrity crush?
I admire how Leonardo DiCaprio has matured as a person. In more recent films (?), he’s been given extremely suave, gentleman roles. Regardless of his awards (or lack thereof), DiCaprio seems to be humble about it and I love that about him. To me,  it says that you can be great without anyone else’s approval. He looks like a fantastic lover and amazing friend.

2) What’s a fad you jumped on that you wish you hadn’t?
I might lose friendships for this question, but oh well.

As a child, I was lured into Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series. I didn’t start at the very beginning with the NES - throughout my childhood, I played Ocarina of Time > Majora’s Mask > Wind Waker > Twilight Princess. I only ever remember finishing Majora’s Mask & Wind Waker; for the others, I watched my brother play to the ending, or I simply gave up on it.

My friend gave me Phantom Hourglass (DS) and Skyward Sword (Wii) as gifts, but I never even opened the boxes. I wasn’t interested to devote time and sold them back because I needed money for rent. I don’t think I could ever let myself get into another Zelda game because I don’t have the patience to finish their overly hyped game franchise. There, I said it.

3) What’s your favorite season and why?
I like California’s Fall, because Summer is still there, but fades slowly as we transition. Fall can also mean new prime-time television, the start of another school year, for those still studying. With the Fall comes the changing of the leaves; when the lush green turns into an earthy brown. It takes forever for Los Angeles trees to lose their foliage, so we experience Fall from mid-September all the way to early December. It’s nice; not too cold or too hot.

4) What’s something about the opposite sex that you will never understand?
Why is it so hard for you guys to tell me how you feel? You’ll often tell me that some things can’t be explained. All I’d like to understand is where you’re coming from. Some have walked away with unanswered questions. I always want to know, am I someone special, a good friend, or simply a passer-by? If you can tell me what it is and why, I’ll decide to go or stay.

5) What’s the story behind your username?
When I started my first web blog and internet profile, I wanted the username to describe me with my initials. I thought, “Pure (M-word)” would be really cool. At that time, I was into the comic-book based film, Mystery Men (1999). I loved the movie so much and wanted to use it for my own devices. The alias “PureMystery” was like Cinderella’s glass-slipper, it was a perfect fit for me. Over time, the username helped shaped me into the enigma I am today.

6) Are you allergic to anything?
I’m allergic to some of the most delicious foods on the planet: I cannot eat shell-based creatures. This means no Shrimp, no Crab, no Lobster. I can’t walk into the Red Lobster and really enjoy the food that they serve, because if I do, my tongue will get itchy and my throat will swell up like a hot air balloon. I used to eat Shrimp as a child, it was my grandmother’s favorite delicacy. When I had turned 8 years old, we had grilled Shrimps for dinner (among other things) and an hour later I was hurling it all over our couch. That was a sad day for me.

7) Mac or PC?
Mac is extremely popular brand/system and I think it started blooming more so when I was still in high school. I remember there was a group of students who had their own “macbook”/apple-products clique. I thought, “They’re entitled to have laptops, expensive ones at that.” Mind you this is during the early era of macbooks, before they had that sleek silver body. With all of that said, I am a PC person.

8) Best concert you’ve ever been to?
This is a loaded question, I’ve been to a handful of concerts and have stories for each one. I think the BEST concert was the first one I ever attended; ALIVE 2007 - Daft Punk at the Sports Arena. This event was HUGE and much anticipated by me and the friends I went with. It was a massive gathering of people and we stood on the center balcony. I could see everything: Daft Punk’s gigantic pyramid booth, projected screens and ALL of the LED panels that lit up the sweaty dance floor. It was a great experience to dance, sing and get all the energy out of you.

9) What’s your first memory?
Time to dive deep … My earliest memory is in our old Alhambra apartment. I remember sitting with my brothers as Mom made home made clay dough for us to play with. It was very messy and we smeared goo on the glass table. I think Mom was telling us not to eat it because it was just cornstarch and flour. I picture my tiny hands digging into the wet clay.

10) If you could be any anime/television show character who would you be?
Damn, there are so many to choose from. If I were an anime character, I would wanna be Michiko Malandro of “Michiko & Hatchin”. Michiko is a Brazilian BABE (bad ass bitch every day) who escapes prison to find her daughter and long lost baby daddy. Michiko comes close to death a lot throughout that show, but narrowly dodges the scythe each time. She lives a colorful adventure, but at the end of the day wants to have a happy family together as one.

11) What would you consider to be one of your weirdest quirks?
When I listen to music while I walk, I move my arms a lot, because I like to pretend that I’m mixing in a DJ booth or dancing. if you ask me to get down on the dance floor, I won’t get up.

you are noodle..

part of me always will be

Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated

After finishing that series I kinda question existence altogether.

Ruh Roh Raggy

During the time you were working at Japan Arcade, what was the one thing you liked most about it?

I liked taking care of little things, like design my own marquees, decorate the walls with origami, advertise our twitter account with blue-bird signs. I liked setting things up and saying, “I made that.” My coworkers would often tell people I was in charge of all the signs that go around the place. It made a difference because we’d look at the machines everyday; you’ll be surprised at how putting a little color and effort can go a long way. Thanks for the Question!

would you also draw me If I asked you


Of course

What was the first video game you've ever played?

I had to dive deep into my memories to answer this.

For the longest time, I was always a spectator in my brothers video game activities. I remember watching them play together and with their friends; I’m the youngest in our family, so I didn’t get many opportunities to play with the big boys. I know we went through a few consoles, but I don’t actually remember playing for a long period of time. I’m not even going to count the demo-disc games that my brothers let me try out.

I want to say the first game I got to sit down and play was with my niece. Her dad gave her his Sega Genesis and a few cartridges. She played Sonic the Hedgehog 2 all the time, because the music was cool and it was fast paced. She had the decency to let me be Player 2, AKA Miles. It didn’t feel like I was doing anything, but I contributed to the game and got to play with her.

hope this answers your question. :)

Do you have any crushes?

Hmm. let me answer this in the form of poetry.

I used to have crushes, most of which didn’t end well.
Some boys made me blush like I was under their spell;
A few were very fair and fine, but didn’t fancy me.
Handsome hair and style, seeking another category.
I admire people from great distances indeed,
As you may know, I’m too shy to take the lead.
I’ve fallen for some and dove deeper than need be 
and broke some hearts that reciprocated the feeling.
So to answer your question, Do I have a crush?
I’m not on a quest for one, my affection is hush-hush.

Ask me Anything, I will answer [publicly] with poetry.