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Asteroids Deluxe! #retro #barcade #spaceship @eightytwola love the art on this cab 🌌🚀

Asteroids Deluxe! #retro #barcade #spaceship @eightytwola love the art on this cab 🌌🚀


Nintendo Cabinets.


Nintendo Cabinets.


Rad Typography 1.0 on Behance


Daft Type

These Daft Punk merchandise ads do a great job of mimicking ads from the ’70s. The layouts, colours and type all evoke the decades’ graphic style.

Above, you can see one of their latest ads alongside a Coke ad from 1970. (The very same ad that Michael Bierut describes in the Helvetica film: “It’s the real thing. Period! Coke. Period! In Helvetica. Period! Any questions? Of course not. Drink Coke. Period! Simple.”)

The typeface chosen for the 2014 ad appears to be Kabel Black or Geometric 231 Heavy and while it’s no Helvetica, I think it does a much better job in this instance.


Daft Punk Releases Retro 1970s Themed Magazine Ads To Promote Their New Line of Merchandise



Luna City Arcade , owned / managed by Peter Hirschberg (now derelict)

i went here once and it was life changing 


Famicom “pulse line” cartridge design (1983-1984).

"In the early days of the Family Computer, Nintendo Co., Ltd. released games with the same label design. Up to that point, Nintendo seemed to think that the best marketing strategy for their games was to keep the labels consistent in design; later on they began producing more creative label designs that varied for each game and often featured characters or scenes from the game." Read more about this at Famicom World.

Pictures by Bryan Ochalla.


High Scores Arcade

Alameda, CA

Why “Robot Rock” is the Most Important Daft Punk Video Ever: A Gifset


bowling alley carpeting


Here’s the set we built for Daft Punk’s Grammy performance tonight. This mid-century modern style set was designed by Daft Arts. Check out the old school audio equipment integrated into the set. Very cool. The recording booth is patterned after the “Mother” space craft control room from the movie Alien. The robots gold mirror mixing console actually worked and was played live.


Fellow cool jacket aficionado Claire and I made this! For YOU


Fellow cool jacket aficionado Claire and I made this! For YOU


retro inspired sailor scouts - part 1

part 2